2 Great 5 STAR Reviews for Talon, On the Wing

on August 17, 2016

This book is about Matica, a little girl with a disability, who befriends some condors and then has flying adventures with them. It starts out differently than I imagined. I was as disappointed as Matica was when she realized it was only a dream. I appreciate it when the author points out what was not obvious to Matica, when she says, “Why didn’t you tell me that there are others like me? I always thought I was alone with that growth problem.” Sometimes children feel that they are alone in their disease or condition and need to know that there are others like them in the world suffering the same as they are.

The plot was easy to follow and flowed smoothly throughout the book. I loved how the condors act as much like children as the children do throughout the story. It is full of laughs and pranks and typical behavior of kids at that age.

I also found it to be inspirational and full of biblical messages in an unobtrusive way. Her brother is always her biggest fan and supporter, and there are plenty of positive messages that help Matica as she struggles with her sadness, doubts, negativity, and disability.

The ending came was fun and full of surprises. It was also a tear-jerker. I feel that this story would be perfect for a teacher to read out loud to a classroom full of students. There is so much to be learned and taught through the message in this delightful tale

on August 26, 2016

The first book was creative, original and engaging and the second in the series is just as wonderfully written. The book is great for readers of all ages, from young to adult and the story is inspiring.

The book is set in Peru, giving readers a glimpse into this exotic location and the even more exotic birds, the condors. Talon and his parents are written with so much character that the story just comes alive. You can visualize talon as you read, and it really makes the story endearing. Matica is also well written – an outsider due to her size, she was alone other than her family and the condors she befriends. Thanks to her bond with Talon, the villagers begin to embrace her as one of them.

This really is a wonderful book. The characters and birds are given so many nuanced characteristics, this makes it a good read for all ages. The author clearly has a good insight into the link between animals and the people who love them and it shows. I look forward to reading the rest in the series. Talon takes readers to the mountains of Peru and will make your heart soar with happiness.

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