5 star Review for Talon, flight for life
by Readers’ Favorite
Talon, Flight for Life by Gigi Sedlmayer is the third title in the Talon series and in this book Matica and her father are traveling to Cajamarca to buy food and medical supplies and pick up their family’s tickets to go to Australia. Matica’s parents, Crayn and Mira, are missionaries who have gone to Peru from Australia. Matica has a growth disability and at the age of ten, she resembles a two-year-old. Matica is reluctant to leave Talon and go with her father, but she knows the trip is going to be exciting and adventurous as their five-day journey will be through the rainforest and grasslands. Talon promises to visit her every day and take her on a flight, but Matica is not too sure if he will appear. The forest has its own dangers and scary creatures, and though Matica is frightened, she is also fascinated by the jungle’s beauty. On the way back home, Crayn is bitten by a poisonous spider and nearly dies. Matica turns to her condors – Talon, Tamo, and Tima – for help. Together will they be able to save Crayn?
The story is descriptive and the author makes the scenes and characters vivid and lively. The author’s love for animals is evident. Her compassion for children with disabilities is also tangible as the story progresses. The bond between Talon and Matica is magical and special. The different layers in the plot make the story riveting and a compelling read. The journey, the adventures, and the life lessons learned have been woven together beautifully, making it a positive read. Matica and her condors will make readers smile, and all the other characters in the story complement the main characters and are memorable. It is a story about friendship, love, faith, hope and courage, a story to be enjoyed by young and older readers alike.