5 star review for TALON, COME FLY WITH ME by Robbie
Michael and I really loved this book. It is a story about a young girl, Matica, the daughter of a missionary living in a remote village in Peru. Matica suffers from a growing disability and is teased and ostracized by the local Indians as a result. Matica is lonely and she makes friends with a giant condor, Tamo, and his female partner, Tima. The condors are intelligent birds and are able to form a relationship with the little girl. My son, Michael, also suffers from a chronic condition and he was very sympathetic to Matica’s disability.
When Tamo and Tima’s egg is threatened to be stolen by poachers, Matica and her father must help them to save their egg and keep it safe until it hatches. The story conveys an excellent message about the danger to wildlife conservation programs posed by poachers and their unscrupulous methods. The poachers resort to shooting wildly at Tamo when he attempts to save his egg by attaching them.
The book provides some interesting insights into life for a Western family in the village of Pucara which is not at all sophisticated and is lacking in all technology and modern aids. It teaches children subtlety about persevering to overcome obstacles, acceptance of difference, respect for nature and wildlife and also about love and developing relationships with, and having respect for, other creatures.
Michael like this book so much we already have the next book in the series. I would really recommend Talon, come fly with me to children aged 9 to 13 years old. My rating for this book is five out of five stars.