5.0 out of 5 stars
Wondrously inspiring, beautifully told tale
By truthorconsequenceson March 12, 2018

Wondrously inspiring, beautifully told tale of a tiny girl in the Andes who finally figures out how her small size was not just a disability but a huge advantage – it has allowed her to fly on the back of the very condor she nurtured into life from an egg saved from poachers.

A beautifully written inspirational young adult novel for all ages. The author, Gigi Sedlmayer, tells the tale in short chapters, each impact fully moving the tale along.

Matica is the young heroine who appears to be a child of two, though nine years old. Living in a small Andean village in Peru, the Andean Indians shun her because of her size.

Matica befriends several condors, Tamo and Tima, birds of threatened extinction. Somehow they are able to communicate through Matica’s kindness and a patience born of loneliness.

She saves their very precious egg from poachers. When it hatches Matica nurtures the young condor, Talon, who becomes her closest ally. Together they both grow up – Talon learns to fly; Matica learns to tell her sale and earn social acceptance in her little villages. Their adventures take place against a majestic Peruvian landscape.

Becoming involved with the condors, she is accepted and celebrated as special by the Andean Indians.

Australian author Gigi Sedlmayer was originally from Germany. She and her husband moved to New Zealand, then Australia with their two adopted twin girls.

In 1994 Gigi was diagnosed with cancer but survived surgeries and radiation, then became a very special writer. This book is Fifth in a highly praised and awarded Talon Series – about condors, missionary Australians and a young girl adopted by the condors.

Very highly recommended. This book should be read by anyone with limits and the courage to overcome them.

I reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from a Goodreads group.

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