5 star review for TALON, ENCOUNTER

“Talon Encounter” has the most action of the Talon books. Most of it deals with the poachers (“you-know-who”). This includes a lot of gunplay, starting at the beginning when the poachers, Pete and Zed, start firing at the condors. There is a lot of brutal reality in this book, starting with Tamo getting shot in the wing. The personification continues also, with the condors “laughing” at the poachers, and having a seeming understanding of the English language.

I would qualify this as an adult book mainly because of the shooting, but also because of the kidnapping of Emilio towards the end. However, there is vindication at the end when the poachers get captured.

This is an excellent book, leaving the reader wanting more. Well done!


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5.0 out of 5 stars Full of action – superb!, January 4, 2016

By Steve Mann

This review is from: Talon, Encounter (Kindle Edition)