A new review by Uvi Poznansky for TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE

This book, Talon, Fight for Life, teaches me an important lesson: having a handicap may at first seem to hinder you, until you find a passion in your heart, something that drives you in inventive ways to overcome your difficulty. For Matica, whose body will always be trapped in the body of a two years old, this passion is her condors. We find her brooding at times, worrying about traveling to new places where she may be faced with rejection all over again, but perhaps a trip home to Australia may be an adventure. We have the confidence that she will overcome her challenge, “because without her handicap, she couldn’t do what she is doing now.”

I hear the author’s voice, whispering in the background of the story, if you have a disability, find a “condor”, a passion of your own. Given the author’s biography, her struggle with cancer, this is far from preaching, it is a model that she uses for her writing and her own life. The passion Gigi Sedimayer has for all animals—spider monkeys, pumas, chameleon, critters and even bugs—enrich this story with lively adventurous tales, not the least of which is the ultimate test of courage, when her father is bitten by a poisonous spider. I love the ever present closeness with animals, exhibited here by him: “But before he lay down, he rubbed the birds’ beaks and said to them, ‘Thank you for caring for me, for us. Good night, Mat.’ He closed his eyes.”

How will Matica save his life? Read the book to find out. Five stars.