A review by Tigerlily64 for TALON, ON THE WING

A Special Story That Is Delightful, Fun and Heart-warming

Gigi Sedlmayer asked me to review her Talon series. So far, I have reviewed book 1 and now book 2. Book 1, Talon, Come Fly With Me was an exciting adventure. Book 2, Talon, On The Wing, continues this intriguing story of Matica and the condors.

In the beginning of the second book of the Talon series, the reader is pulled right into the story. Matica is dreaming that she is flying on Talon, a magnificent condor; they are looking down upon Pucara, her village, and then the Andes mountains below. The ride is at first exciting, and then very scary, as they go high up into the clouds and even under an airplane. She falls off Talon’s back and then wakes from her dream. The dream was not real, but Matica had really flown on Talon a short distance the previous day. It had been an accident; a spark from a fireplace had scared him, and Matica had jumped on his back to calm him. When they went to bed that night, her little brother, Aiken, had said “sweet flying dreams”.

Ten year-old Matica is very small for her age, since she has a growth disability. She is really just the size of a two year-old. When she was younger, she had felt her size was a curse, but then she realized her small size was something special; it allowed her to actually fly on a condor’s back. Her size was a gift, after all.

As we learned in the first book of the series, Matica lives with her family in a remote area in Northern Peru near the Andes. Her parents, Crayn and Mira, are missionaries, who came to Peru from Australia. The Indians of Peru shunned her initially, but they grew to respect her and hold her in great regard when they saw her friendship with the condors. Tamo and his mate, Tima, communicated with Matica and even followed her instructions; she in turn did their bidding. Matica kept the condor’s egg warm until it hatched. Little Talon, the baby, grew up in Matica’s household and eventually let her ride on his back.

Talon, On The Wing is an uplifting, charming and heart-warming story of Matica maturing and growing more confident. It has themes of patience, courage, faith, love, forgiveness and trust.

This is a great book for young teens, especially, but it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.