A short story

Dreamily, I sat on a rock by a creek that wormed itself around a field of dry, parched grass, thinking of nothing. It was late afternoon. The blazing sun was beating down from a clear blue sky, appearing like a pool of deep blue water. A slight wind swayed through the high grass of the field, stirring it around. Sparrows darted from here to there, filling the air with their mystical chirps. But then, suddenly, an idea struck me.

Could I change into an animal to see, to feel and to be like an animal?

Putting my finger into the water, I watched the ripples I created and listened to the quiet song of the bubbling water.

Presently one of the birds landed nearby. With that thought in my mind, if I could change into an animal, I stared intensely at the bird and wished to be a condor.

I felt dizzy. Goose pimples crawled all over my skin, I felt the hair in my neck standing up.

Believing in what would occur, I jumped and stretched my wings. I looked around, I was in the air, I was flying, flapping my enormous, long wings.

‘It worked! It really worked! I am the condor!’

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