Book 4 – Talon, Connected

Extract from my Talon books: Talon, connected

+ ‘Pajaro.’ She looked into his sad face. He now stared at the ground. ‘Pajaro, you will be like him. I believe you are like him already. You don’t believe in yourself as yet. Like father like son, you know.’ Then she whispered, not really knowing if she should say it, she a child, he a grown-up, but her conscience told her to say it, ‘My Dad always taught me: , Don’t let the fear take over your conscience.’


+ She made a dismissive gesture. ‘My Dad told me never to give up, to get all the knowledge there is, from whoever you can get it. You can never get enough of that.’

‘Very wise. Well, I have to confess that I am not spending as much time with my padre as I probably should. Do you think I should spend more time with him now?’

‘You asked me for my advice?’ He just nodded. ‘Then, yes, you should, particularly now, when you don’t know how …’ She left it unspoken.


+ ‘He said that I am the daughter he never had.’ She stopped to let it sink in for her dad and mum. They just stared at her, couldn’t say anything. She continued. ‘He also said that we are all connected. We with the Indians and with the condors.’

‘Wow,’ Crayn, Mira and Aikon said. Nothing else.


+ Matica smiled, her lips a thin line, parting her face in two. But then she shook her head and noted, ‘What a day. But I have to say, it was a good day.’ She nodded, satisfied, and was happy that everything worked out fine at the end of this day. And now she was looking forward to the dinner, her favourite dinner.

Crayn looked at her smiling face then he murmured, ‘That’s right. I love your smile. Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.’

‘What did you say?’ Mira asked him, narrowing her eyes.

Crayn repeated it again, looking at his daughter. ‘Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.’

Matica nodded, even happier to hear that phrase from her dad.

Mira didn’t say anything for a few seconds. She just looked in front of her, digesting his phrase. Crayn could see her continuously repeating the sentence in her mind. Then she said, ‘That is so good,’ Mira admitted. ‘It could have come from me. How did you come up with that?’

‘It just came to me, seeing our daughter smile.’ He shrugged his shoulders.

‘Just like that?’ Aikon interjected.

‘Hmmm. Why?’

‘Never mind. It’s just great. And I agree with it completely,’ Mira stated.


+ ‘Yeah, I know,’ Matica said quietly but then went on enthusiastically. ‘But come on, it’s all over. Not that I ever will forget what happened. But life goes on, right? What Dad told me yesterday is that sometimes the worst and greatest problems in life cannot be solved. They can only be outgrown. And I have outgrown them.’

Amos looked admiringly at her, took her hand and squeezed it. ‘My strong girl.’

Nunoa pointed out, shaking her head, ‘You really have the right attitude, Matica. But, that’s all very nice to say things like that, but to accomplish them? That, I think, is the hardest part. But obviously you really have outgrown them. I think I could not do that.’


+ Talon went onto his knees and embraced her head and torso with his wings. For a few seconds they enjoyed each other’s embrace. ‘Oh, Talon, my Talon,’ they heard Matica’s mumbled voice from under his wings.


She was shocked but tried not to show it. His fingers were cold, so cold. And she could feel every wrinkle in his palm of his thin hand, every bone, every knuckle of his fingers, even every vein. She could even feel the pulsing of his blood in the veins. Oh God, what’s happening to him? she thought but said, ‘Sorry, sir, Elcano.’


Two dreams Matica had, 1. About the phoenix

  1. Attack of the puma-mum, Aikon and Matica. Talon is rescuing them