Brilliant 5 star review by Eliza Earthman, TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE

Talon, Flight for Life. Kindle Edition:

Matica and her family are planning a holiday in Australia. She and her father travel to Cajamarca to organise supplies and air tickets.
Her father is seriously injured on the way home after being bitten by a spider. Not knowing what to do, Matica calls to her condors for help. The wait until they arrive is difficult.

This talented author Gisela Sedlmayer keeps surprising us – check out e.g. reviews for the other books in the TALON series. Each tale stands alone, but they are also connected to a bigger story. These books – and this one, the 498 page TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE – are books for all ages. They bring life lessons into the stories. The author’s writing flows easily, descriptions are well written and it is easy to visualize scenes.

The narrative is uplifting, and heart-warming, and skilled wordsmith’s voice brings through the theme of hope.

Journey with Matica in this third book in the TALON series. Be with her through adventures, laughter and tears. Enjoy the feeling of friendship, love and camaraderie she enjoys with her condors, Talon, Tamo and Tima.

TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE is a moving and exciting story. The experienced author takes us on a fascinating journey, through descriptive prose and exciting adventures interspersed with important life lessons.

I looking forward to reading more in this TALON series. They are excellent gifts for the whole family.

A well-deserved five stars.