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It is war. Revenge is in the air. Will they succeed? Will they capture Talon? Will they kill him? The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon. They are determined to get him at all co... Read More


The Talon series is written about a girl named Matica. She suffers from an illness that prevents her from growing. Her physical form is about the size of a two-year-old but mentally she is 9. But she ... Read More


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5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming and full of emotion – I couldn’t put it down – soar with the condors with Talon! By L. Ruetz on April 13, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition The Talon books ... Read More


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AUTHORSdb PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE FOR MY ENTRY. THANK YOU SO MUCH. LOVE YOU ALL.   https://authorsdb.com/2017-first-lines-contest/22925-first-lines-contest-2017-talon-encounter Users who liked this:... Read More


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‘No, no, no!’ Matica screamed out from the time they had seen it. She had hoped not to see it so early, especially while laying on Talon and trying to fly home. ‘It can’t be. Not so early. Not... Read More


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@AUTHORSDB PLEASE FRIENDS, VOTE FOR MY ENTRY INTO THE COMPETITION. THANK YOU SO MUCH. http://authorsdb.com/2017-first-lines-contest/22925-first-lines-contest-2017-talon-encounter... Read More