Dreamily, I sat on a rock by a creek that wormed itself around a field of dry, parched grass, thinking of nothing. It was late afternoon. The blazing sun was beating down from a clear blue sky, appearing like a pool of deep blue water. A slight wind swayed through the high grass of the field, stirring it around. Sparrows darted from here to there, filling the air with their mystical chirps. But then, suddenly, an idea struck me.
Could I change into an animal to see, to feel and to be like an animal?
Putting my finger into the water, I watched the ripples I created and listened to the quiet song of the bubbling water.
Presently a green tree frog jumped nearby. With that thought in my mind, if I could change into an animal, I stared intensely at it and wished to be that frog.
I felt dizzy. Goose pimples crawled over my skin.
Believing in what would occur, I jumped and splashed into the cold water.
The coolness of the water shocked me and when I looked around and saw my long frog legs to jump with, I shouted joyfully, ‘It worked! It really worked! I am the frog! Look at my jumping legs!’
Next, out of poor joy and that I could still think as a girl, not as the frog, I jumped out of the water then jumped and jumped through the grass. Oh, how I loved that. Free to jump. But then I stopped jumping and looked around, thinking that I couldn’t go on jumping. I wanted to know how the frog would see our wonderful world, how he was feeling about living. But
then it hit me. The frog in me was only thinking of food, how to find it, how to get it. Hungry, the frog looked around to catch whatever it could get. But frogs eat flies, I was thinking. Yuck, I don’t want to eat a fly. I don’t want to experience that. I was disappointed and hopped further, thinking that I could change into another animal that wouldn’t look only for food.
But then, hopping through the grass, the awareness overwhelmed me. ‘Yippee, my dream became reality. A few minutes ago I was a human and now I’m a frog. Well, a hungry frog.’
I bounced joyfully through the grass. Next I was painfully stopped by a furry paw, which stabbed on top of me. Trying to look up, I saw a black, wet nose that sniffed at me. And then two yellow eyes, surrounded by black fur, looked at me. Panic grabbed me as the snout opened to gobble me up. As I was thinking, that dog wants to eat me, I looked intensely at the dog, wishing to be the dog.
I became dizzy. Goose bumps crawled over my body.
Leaping joyfully into the air, I knew I was the dog. I had escaped its fangs and being its dinner. I ran to the creek and looked into the water. Seeing my furry face in the reflection of the water, I grinned sheepishly.
‘Hey, dog face,’ I called myself. ‘How are you?’
‘I feel pretty well,’ I answered my question.
Thinking that I had enough with playing around being animals, I wanted to change back to myself. But then I heard a condor’s cry. Looking up and seeing it soaring high in the sky, I said, ‘Not yet. That’s the only opportunity to be a condor myself, to soar high in the sky and to get that feeling of flying, flapping my wings. Yes, I want to be Talon first, then I’ll change back. Talon? Where did that come from?’ I didn’t know.
I desperately wanted to be the condor, so I gazed intensely up at him, wishing
to be the condor.
I became dizzy. Goose bumps crawled all over my furry body.
Next I looked along my beak. And seeing the earth flying away under me, I nearly fainted. But I got myself quickly under control, knowing I was the condor. I was Talon, flapping my wings. I was flying. I was soaring. The earth flew away under me. It was great. I flapped my wings and turned. The village came into sight. The village? ‘Oh, my God. That’s my home. I’m not a condor. I’m a girl that is flying on a condor, but not being a condor. How did that happen?’
Panic overcame me. I fell. As I fell, I was thinking, how can I fall from the sky? I’m a bird. I’m a condor. I am Talon. But no, I’m not a condor. I’m a human girl. And humans don’t fly like condors do.
I fell into the infinity of darkness. But then the fall stopped, as suddenly as I was the condor. I can’t say that I landed as a bird would land. I just bumped into something soft. When I looked, they revealed themselves as soft arms as they lovingly surrounded me. I looked at myself. I had a human body. I had jeans on with a jumper and a poncho hung over me. That someone that had caught me spoke. It was a human voice. It said, ‘All will be fine.’ I wondered, I really wondered. What does that mean? Why did he say that? Is that Dad? Yes, must be.