On the Wing review

Matica’s predicament turns into her greatest gift, February 4, 2015


Uvi Poznansky

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This review is from: Talon, On the Wing (Kindle Edition)

Talon, on the Wing is the second book of the Talon series, and it is also the place where an incredible thing happens: the predicament of the main character—her fate to remain small in size—turns out to be her most valuable gift, as it allows her to soar on the wings of her beloved Talon, up and away into exciting adventures.

This idea is a source of hope for all of us, and a wonderfully uplifting lesson to teach our children, who are constantly pressured to measure up to some artificially set challenges, rather than finding their own gifts and using them in a unique way. That is what little Matica accomplishes in this story, and it allows her to be accepted: “The Indians … Clapped their hands in wild appreciation and admiration. They cheered and whistled…. Matica’s face began to flush as the only thought that went through her mind: “they have all accepted me, truly and really, and do believe me.”

Throughout the story, we learn about the behaviour of condors in a manner that is both loving and intimate. “She watched Talon how he listened with tilted head and closed eyes, rocking himself to the music. She was so happy that she had found something Talon loved.”

Five Stars.