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Gigi Sedlmayer is a talented wordsmith whose prose is stunning as well as moving. Sedlmayer is an author I have grown to love ever since reading Talon Come fly with Me and Talon, On the Wing, these two exceptional books are book one and two in the Talon series, and I have to admit that I am madly in love with them both! That is why I was so happy to get started on book three and this is the book I will be reviewing today.
Talon, Flight for Life, is an adorable, sweet adventure novel that has stolen my heart, and ran off with it. The reader is soon reunited with Matica in this story, and we follow Matica on another brilliant journey. Matica travels with her father to Cajamarca so that they can buy books, medical supplies, and tickets for their upcoming trip to beautiful Australia. However, their journey will be full of twists and turns when they travel through the rainforest, in which they will have many experiences. They will meet spider monkeys, llamas, and many more animals but soon tragedy strikes and Matica’s father is injured to the point that he cannot continue on the journey. Matica then must show that she is a courageous young girl and learn to survive as she goes and finds help for her father. Will Maticia be able to survive the perils ahead of her? Read the fantastic Talon, Flight for Life to find out!
Gigi Sedlmayer has done it again! She has managed to write another brilliant, captivating, entertaining story that will take its readers on the journey of a lifetime. Sedlmayer did not disappoint with book number three, and I am glad this is so as many book series start being lackluster halfway through so thank god Sedlmayer knows what she is doing! The themes incorporated in this book are stunning and will inspire young minds to find the courage and be brave. I adored reading about Matica’s journey, it was incredible, and because Sedlmayer is such a talented author, the reader is able to perfectly imagine being alongside Matica on her journey.
Sedlmayer is a descriptive writer and her descriptive and visually stunning prose is stunning. I adored every moment of this novel thanks to her incredible talent and loved how she perfectly described all the animals, creatures and events the reader experiences flawlessly so that the reader is able to imagine every tiny detail and build a perfect imagine in our heads.
As Talon, Flight for Life is such a beautiful, moving, incredible story of one girl’s journey of discovery and breaking free, I have no choice but to award this book a dazzling Five Stars because it is incredible! Gigi Sedlmayer truly is a talented author, and so she deserves all the praise in the world!