Review by Diane Pepper Smith

This was an awesome story of a young girl who because of a handicap had to make her own friends because none of the Peruvian Indians would allow their children to play with her. She befriended a pair of adult giant Condors who entrusted her with their lone egg which they lay every two years. Matica, the child, takes the egg and keep it warm until it hatches in about six weeks at which time Talon is born. His parents Tamo and Tima return daily with food for their chick and Matima continues to feed Talon until he is full grown. When he is about seven months old all he villagers watch as he struggles to learn to fly. It is very difficult for him because he has very short legs, a large body and very long wingspan. Finally after struggling for weeks he is able to soar with his parents above the village, but while his parents return to the cliff where they live, Talon returns to live with Matima his surrogate mother.

This is a wonderful story and one I could hardly put down. It is heart-warming and proves that man and beast can exist in harmony when given the chance.