Come fly with me is a story written about a girl named Matica. She suffers from an illness that prevents her from growing. Her physical form is about the size of a two-year-old but mentally she is 9. Her parents move from Australia to Peru where this little girl has to face discrimination and abuse from the Peruvian Indians. They see her as evil and refuse to have her near the other children.

Forced into solidarity and outcasted by her social surrounding, Matica befriends the nature, landscape and the beauty of the land. She makes friends with two birds, Tima and Tamo (Condor), and learns everything about them. The book provides a lot of information on these endangered species and Matica feels responsible for taking care of their egg and protecting it from the poachers. As the egg hatches, she names the baby Condor, Talon and that’s where the name of the book comes from.

On her 10th birthday, Matica discovers her powers and no longer feels ashamed of her disability when she teaches Talon how to fly.

I found this beautiful story to be a breath of fresh air. Come fly with me is the first of five novels written by this author and if the first one is this good, I say, buy it all.

The literary standard was epic. As a nature fan, I particularly enjoyed the picturesque descriptiveness of the world setting. The heartfelt emotions and feelings of a little girl with so much potential yet, restricted to her physical form were written in a splendid way. There is no doubt that this book is inspirational and it touched my heart in a very delicate way.

The pace of the story is steady and easy to understand. The message it brings is loud and clear. I believe anyone with a heart will enjoy reading this story.

Come Fly with Me (Talon #1) by Gigi Sedlmayer (Book Review #210)