Review by Linda Fender for first book

Review by Lisa Fender for first book
Talon is a fun book for middle grade children. I plan to buy a copy for my grandson. It’s a very sweet book about a handicapped little girl named Matica who is teased and befriends a vulture for companionship. Through her time with the bird, she discovers that they understand each other. She, along with her family, save the vulture pair’s egg from poachers and once the egg hatches, the new baby becomes her best friend. As she builds the relationship, the others within the village begin to accept her and are curious about the birds.
I think the writer should work to enhance her writing skills and make the read tighter because the story is great and would be even better. I enjoyed it and look forward to giving it to my grandson. You will learn a lot about this obscure animal and learn to care about them.