Talon #5: Encounter here is yet another score-bigger as it continues from the last book in this award-winning series about the disabled sandy-blonde Matica and her condor friends: Tamo (father), Tima (mother), and Talon (son). In this installment, the three birds and their human friends battle the ultimate enemy: the poachers Pete and Zed who are dead serious on shooting Talon down with their rifles and pistols. But thankfully, the birds know how to dodge their bullets and fight back with the help of Matica, her family, and the rest of the Peruvians of Pucara, Peru, the village they are staying at for doing God’s mission. I guess that is the reason for the title, Encounter: where Matica and her condor friends encounter the murderous but clumsy poachers.
I forgot to mention in my reviews throughout the books for this series that Tamo, Tima, and Talon communicate in a way that Matica is able to understand and read which helps them a lot because they need each other for survival. Matica has a problem with her growth (height-wise) and this enables her to fly on Talon’s back and prevent the poachers from hurting Talon. This book is action-packed and a bit more serious than the other books because it involves a bit of gun violence and there is actually blood and poo (bird excrement). I would inform those who are against violence of any kind to consider this before getting to read this book. The good thing about it is that there are no murdered victims throughout the story. I do have to tell you enthusiastically that this book keeps you turning its pages due to the showdown that occurs in it and so I was hooked from the beginning until the end.
If you have been following Matica and Talon’s story in this series, this book will not disappoint you. You will love the teamwork between the good guys of the story, you will appreciate the smartness of the condors, but if you are anti-violence and a G-rated reader, then you might want to read this book with caution and the least I can tell you is that there are no deaths so yeah. Again, the themes of Christianity and family are included so my recommendations in my reviews for the other four books in this series remain. All in all, this was an eventful and exciting read for this past week for me. Go ahead, add it to your ebook collection, you will thank me for saying so! Have a great weekend!