Review for Talon, On the Wing

Delightful book that will have readers young and old alike soaring with the condors, February 21, 2016

Talon On The Wing is book two in the Talon series written by Gigi Sedlmayer. Even though this is book two in the series, you do not necessarily have to have read book one in the series in order for this book to make sense. I had a chance to read this book to an 11 year old girl, she was one of the kids that I read the first Talon book to. This book is much easier to read and understand in terms of wording, as compared to the first book in the series. Because of this, younger children in the 9-12 age group will be able to read this book themselves without any help. The little girl I shared this book with loves the character of Matica and could not wait to see what happened next to her. After we finished this book, she immediately started asking about book 3, and any time a child is encouraged to read, that is a wonderful thing

Caution there may be spoilers ahead

Matica is in a much better place in her village now, accepted by the villagers, even though she’s handicapped, something that they no longer see when they look at Matica. The villagers want to know more about condors, and Matica is all too happy to teach them. Matica finds herself living her life long dream, only to find out that it was just a dream. The plot is overly basic, but that’s okay, the detail in this book is amazing. One thing that I would change is the sure number of sections in this book. There are way too many and they seem very rough and end abruptly without warning

At the end of the day, Talon On The Wing was a hit, and the little girl that I read it to anxiously was awaiting book three in the Talon series

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest product review

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