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Quote from my book: “We do not understand God’s way. Often when we pray it turns out to be completely different, as you have expected it to be. But God is there, no matter where we are, no matter ... Read More


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5 star review for TALON, COME FLY WITH ME by Vicki Goodwin Lovely Adventure story This children’s book is sure to capture the hearts of any age. I found myself caught up in the lives of Tamo, Ti... Read More


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READ THE STORY OF AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN A HANDICAPPED AND CHALLENGED GIRL AND A CONDOR TALON amazon.com/author/gigisedlmayer Amazon – Talon Users who liked this:... Read More

REVIEW by Tonja Decker

This is a tale of finding acceptance, love, friendship, bravery and so much more. Matica is a bright, young girl but, thanks to her handicap, stuck in a body which is smaller than that of her younger ... Read More


The Talon books: Are engaging stories with fantasy woven into a coming of age/discovering ones identity theme. Amazon – Talon books Users who liked this:... Read More

REVIEW by Jeyran Main

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On the wing is the second book of the Talon series. In the previous book, we learn that Matica suffers from an illness that prevents her from growing. Her physical form is about the size of a two-year... Read More


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Dreamily, I sat on a rock by a creek that wormed itself around a field of dry, parched grass, thinking of nothing. It was late afternoon. The blazing sun was beating down from a clear blue sky, appear... Read More

OnlineBookClub review

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Official Review: Talon by Gigi Sedlmayer Post Number:#1 by busycat » 08 Aug 2017, 10:57 [Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Talon” by Gigi Sedlmayer.] 4 out of 4 star... Read More

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WordPress – Talon Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Janice Spina, Gigi Sedlmayer and Sally Cronin   Users who liked this:... Read More


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a. The meaning of life b. The beauty of creation c. The reality of living in the natural environment d. The benefits of kindness and obeying basic rules e. How to reason well and find answers to probl... Read More


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Chapter 50 of first book: TALON, COME FLY WITH ME The Big Jump The ledge Matica, Crayn and Talon were standing on wasn’t very wide, so Talon had just enough room to lie there. ‘Hey, Talon,’ Mati... Read More


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A Walking and Climbing Talon – Chapter 49 Friday was cloudy with thick rain clouds hanging over the mountain, but Matica and Talon still walked to Ramah for his practice. They hadn’t arrived b... Read More


Get swept away into the world of rejected Matica and her best friend Talon. Will she be loved? Will she get what she most wanted? Will she be accepted? Will she become what she want to be? Will she de... Read More


Like to read something special and escape into a different world? Like, taking on wings and fly? Dreaming with open eyes as you read that series? Also, it’s an uplifting and positive read.   Am... Read More


The Talon series is written about a girl named Matica. She suffers from an illness that prevents her from growing. Her physical form is about the size of a two-year-old but mentally she is 9. But she ... Read More


The Talon series, 1)Talon, come fly with me, 2) Talon, on the wing, 3) Talon, flight for life, 4) Talon, connected, 5) Talon, encounter, are a delightful middle grade story set in Peru with a family o... Read More