Talon, Flight for Life -Glenda

By Amazon Customer “Glenda”

This review is from: Talon, Flight for Life (Kindle Edition)


I loved this third book in the Talon Series! I guarantee you will too! If you haven’t already read any of the series, check out my reviews for the first two!

Matica is what we call in America a “Little Person.” She is the daughter in a family of four who have moved from Australia to Peru to be missionaries. It was very hard for Matica because the Indians were either afraid of her or thought she was possessed…They didn’t know that there were other people like Matica… Well, actually, during the stories, there is one little boy, but that is a sad part of the books, but does emphasize how the Indians reacted to Matica. Until… two large birds came into her life and, later, Talon, was born… Now the key thing was that, because of her size, Matica was able to fly on the back of Talon! That’s now a long time ago and the three condors are just like members of the family, except for Matica’s father who is not too sure about them…

By now, everybody knows about Matica and her condors! At least those who are Indians, because the news spreads rapidly through their communities… But, in the third book, Matica is scheduled to go to visit a large city, Cajamarca, with her father. The trip will be for 5 days…they will walk there…

Because of how she was treated when they first moved to their village, Matica is worried about travelling to other places, but they are planning a trip home to Australia, which she’s not sure about either, and they need to go, make arrangements, and get supplies. In the past, only her father has made the trip.

The main fear, however, is that Matica will be away from her friends, the condors. She has seen them every day and flown with them. She knows she will miss them, but what will they think? The first thing readers will discover is that the condors are very intelligent. Of course, we don’t know how they are truly, but in the story, most of what Matica says is understood and acted upon!

The other reason was because of the dream she had–she told her parents about it, but they didn’t want Matica to become afraid… But was the dream really foretelling something? And then it was time to set off, but this time, Matica’s sadness made the time much longer…She was hugging everybody as the condors watched. But even Matica was surprised when it happened! You see, they had been watching all this and then jumped down to participate. Matica hugged Tamo and Tima, planning to save Talon for last…but he wasn’t waiting! Ok, a little mushy, but they all loved each other! LOL And, because this was the very first real embrace from the condors, Matica was hoping, although not totally confident, that they would join them sometimes on their trip. And they did!

An interesting thing happened for Matica’s father, Crayn, as they started to walk. After Matica had gotten past being sad, she started noticing…everything! Crayn admitted that he’d not seen most of what she called attention to, since he had just walked, watching the ground. Well, there was just so much that Matica had never seen, her head must have been turning all the way around! Birds to the left of them… And Spider Monkeys to the right! So do you think Matica made friends with a monkey? You bet she did, and she even saw him on the return trip…

Now one important thing I’ll mention before I move on…Matica had been very young when they moved to Peru, so she had forgotten any of the modern conveniences that were found in a large city. But the best was that all of the children already knew her and were very friendly! Readers will enjoy her reaction to, for instance, the hotel where they stayed…and the grocery store where they could find so many different varieties of the same thing… Just like I always thing–how do you make a decision which to buy?!

Ahhhh, but the excitement hasn’t even started and it certainly surpasses all the amazing things Matica and readers had already learned about! Only one clue before I close…if you’re in Peru, walking along, watch out for the Spiders!

There is an underlying story in this series about the need to evaluate people…and animals…by more than just their looks! How many of you have loved Beauty and the Beast. If you enjoyed the TV program as much as I did, surely you won’t mind meeting… Talon and his family!

In case you haven’t realized it since I’m sharing so much! I loved this book and am adding it to my personal favorites for 2015…So much to discover–in so many wonderful ways! Don’t miss this one…It’s a long novel but older children and teens, I think, will enjoy it just like we adults!

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