Talon, On the Wing review by Diane Pepper Smith

When Gigi Sedlmayer asked me to review the second of her series of Talon books I was thrilled. Thrilled because I had reviewed the first ‘Talon, Come Fly With Me’, and I already knew the adventure I would be going on in this second book.

In book one Talon, a giant Condor, was saved from poachers by Matica and her father, Crain. The poachers stole the egg from the Condors next high on the mountain side and were being chased by Tima and Tamo, Talon’s parents. While trying to escape the Condors one of the poachers dropped the bagged egg down an opening by a tree root and continued to run away. Matica was the only one small enough to slide down into the hole to retrieve the bag containing the bag. As she brought the bag out of the hole the Condor parents crowded her and plucked at her hair as if to thank her. Tima even had tears running down her beak.

The problem was the Condors couldn’t take the egg back to their nest for it to hatch. Matica and her family took the egg into their home and kept it warm and protected until it was hatched. From that day forward Talon was Matica’s constant companion.

In Book Two, Talon was much larger and much more willing to take Matica on even greater adventures than in Book One. He flew higher and longer, sometimes to utter exhaustion and Matica would worry he would have the strength to get them home. He showed her wonders from the air she would never imagine seeing on the ground.

Book Two, ‘Talon, On the Wing’ was a joy to read and like Book One is definitely written with family in mind. There is so much to learn and enjoy about the village culture in which Matica lives with her family. In my opinion, Ms. Sedlmayer has written a home run for all ages to enjoy.