Talon, On the Wing – review by Glenda Bixler

Ever Dreamed of Flying? How About on the Back of a Bird? Check Out Gigi Sedlmeyer’s Second in Talon Series!

I always enjoy when a writer works to grab the attention of readers immediately. Gigi Sedlmayer certainly accomplished that! Even though it was a dream. This series, which, in my opinion, would be great for children to adults is about a young girl, Matica, and her family, including her birds… You don’t know what I mean by her birds? Well, do a quick click back to read about the first novel in the series and then come back! I always recommend that you read from the first book in a series if possible, but at least my review will give you a start, because you don’t want to miss this latest one! Matica is flying!

Well, yes, she is dreaming as the book opens, but that’s only because she had already!

On the back of Talon, a Condor, and one of her birds…