Talon, On the Wing review by Max Kobina Acquah

In this volume, you will realise how beautiful the nature is, and how existence of life is appreciable by judging and predicting how things happens in life.

Like the first volume, TALON, COME AND FLY, this book portrays the real meaning of love and to be of helpful to others.

When I was reading, I realised every creature has a purpose of its existence.

The following features can be recognised when reading this book of all ages:

  1. The importance of time schedule and been on time.
  2. How to accept strangers and the kind of thought you will have.
  3. Offensive and defensive of territory
  4. How to be able to predict seasons for living and how to withstand seasonal hardships
  5. The psychological importance of songs or music
  6. Overcoming challenges and judging situations
  7. The need for parenthood and raising children with good moral values.

I highly recommend this book of realities of natural life of humanity to all levels of people, libraries, schools, children, adolescent, youth, adult, oldest (age).     

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 Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – ‘Yefulkay’