Just got a great review for TALON, ON THE WING, by Sheila Deeth. Check it out.

Matica is small for her age, small enough to fly on the back of her beloved Condor, Talon. She also has a talent for hearing Talon’s voice in her mind, and Gigi Sedlmayer’s On The Wing starts appropriately with girl and bird flying high across the Andes. But Matica might face the same decisions we all do as time goes on. Does she “want to live in a fantasy world, not in the real world?” Does she want to escape, or is being different okay?

The author’s faith, and that of her principal characters, shines through and colors this powerful childrens tale. After all, riding a condor is a kind of miracle, and who would believe without seeing? As Matica learns, it can be all too easy to let expectation blind us. Anger and fear make us unable to see or forgive. And the world can be a dark place for someone who’s not like everyone else.

On the Wing doesn’t sugarcoat its themes, but it wraps them in kind conversation and delight. As Matica says, “God would never abandon an ugly-looking person, or even a murderer.” She learns that “Grief is like a crippling disease …” through dialog that has a quiet old-fashioned feel despite its modern phrases. It’s not always natural, but it is frequently wise.

My favorite scene is the dance of the dog and the condor, though Matica’s frequent flights are truly delightful. A fun sweet addition to the series

Disclosure: I was given a copy and I offer my honest review.